Vessel Services

Expert tank and pressure vessel support to keep your equipment under control and up to code.

You rely on your pressure vessels to keep volatile liquids and gases contained — and safely pressurized — for the protection of your people, property and operations. Of course, a healthy pressure vessel doesn’t happen by chance. The industrial construction experts at Gallant Industrial will put their years of experience to work to keep your storage tanks serving you well.

From initial installation of your pressure vessel and process-related equipment, to overlay welding to ward off damaging corrosion, our detail-driven team ensures your storage tanks are prepared to serve your operations.

With time, of course, comes wear and tear. As your equipment ages, our coded welders also inspect your equipment for cracks, corrosion and damage. From there, they’re prepared to step in — and step up — to take on the dangerous work of pressure vessel repair and replacements.

Vessel services for every stage of your equipment’s lifespan.

  • Complete Field Assembly
  • Overlay Welding & Shell Repairs
  • Process Internals Installation
  • Nozzle & Manway Installation
  • Head & Shell Section Replacement

Need inspection or testing for your pressure vessels?

Turn to Gallant Industrial to help identify the condition of your assets and equipment.