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Partner with the best in industrial construction.

It takes a bold, fearless team to take on complex piping for your industrial construction projects. It takes confidence and skill to carry out high-pressure welding work. And it takes an experienced industrial construction partner to do what’s needed to save your day, every day.

At Gallant Industrial, our construction pros deliver single-source plant maintenance, fabrication and construction services for plants and refineries throughout the Greater Houston area and beyond. To every project and relationship, we bring decades of experienced leadership, an impeccable safety record and a responsive approach to ensure your operations have what you need — when you need it. We work side-by-side with our customers to deliver outcomes that keep your environments safe, your systems efficient and your operations moving forward at optimal levels.

Gallant Industrial’s got grit.

Plant maintenance, fabrication and project management come with a traditional checklist of expectations — such as credentialed professionalism and a demonstrable safety record. For Gallant Industrial, that’s just the beginning.

Communication. Flexibility. An appreciation that your business is earned daily. These are the principles our industrial construction experts practice so we’re always living up to our name. Because it’s not what we call ourselves, it’s what you think of us that matters.

Where safety and quality come standard.

For plants and refineries, safety takes center stage to ensure the health and well-being of your crew and staff. It’s no different at Gallant Industrial. Our quantifiable safety record and quality assurance protocols reflect a top-down dedication to your company, your assets and your people. More than one million work hours and counting — that’s how long we’ve gone without an incident. Our comprehensive process includes leadership inspection tours internal and third-party HSE audits.

Safety & Quality
Industrial plant with trees and hills in the background

Nested Crews: A Next-Level Take on Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance ranks among the top concerns for modern-day plants and refineries. After all, having operations in place doesn’t do a company much good if its systems and equipment aren’t in a condition to carry out the work (and to carry it out both safely and effectively). The key is finding the time to work […]

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