There’s one rule that rings true in every aspect of the construction industry: It’s important to go in fully informed. Whether that means keeping on top of OSHA safety requirements, reading up on the latest tech or simply knowing what your company’s support teams are up to, a little knowledge goes a long way.The Gallant Industrial News page is your go-to for all things construction industry. Read on for posts aimed at educating, informing and encouraging safer, more efficient practices for our industry as a whole.

Danger, Hard Hat Area sign

Communication is Key for Industrial Site Safety

Thoughtful practices and strategic communication play an important role in encouraging industrial site safety. And when that site is playing home to necessary maintenance or turnaround work? Those considerations are even more crucial. Why is that? Because such work doesn’t just introduce increased safety risks and new people to an already bustling jobsite. It can […]

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Man performing welding work in PPE

Proper Protection in and Around Welding Work

Fabrication and welding work are crucial in the industrial world, serving as the go-to approach for repairs and maintenance that keep operations on track and jobsites safe. Even so, they aren’t without their risks. Such work involves using arcs, flames and pressure to permanently fuse two or more parts together, exposing welders and those around […]

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Industrial plant with trees and hills in the background

Nested Crews: A Next-Level Take on Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance ranks among the top concerns for modern-day plants and refineries. After all, having operations in place doesn’t do a company much good if its systems and equipment aren’t in a condition to carry out the work (and to carry it out both safely and effectively). The key is finding the time to work […]

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