Safety & Quality

Zeroing in on construction safety: Because the best jobsite is a safe jobsite.

Safety isn’t a buzzword at Gallant Industrial — it’s a way of life. For every project we take on, every job you trust to our team, we promise to carry out the work in the safest manner possible, at the utmost quality and to your exacting specifications.

Construction safety at the forefront.

Gallant Industrial uses leading indicators to ensure attention is given to health and safety risk identification and management on project sites. We verify safety procedures, promote risk control and maintain awareness of potential hazards. Communication, accountability from our leadership and an active response to implementing prevention processes is key to keeping the Gallant Industrial team safe at all times.


hours worked without an incident

Lagging indicators

Although reactive in nature, Gallant Industrial uses lagging indicators to monitor progress towards compliance with safety rules and procedures. These numbers evaluate the overall effectiveness of our safety systems and give us a metric to continually improve our program.



Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

Gallant Industrial continues to trend better than the industry average of 1.0 in EMR. Our dedicated focus on safety drives our EMR down year after year.

Where construction safety meets quality control.

See how Gallant Industrial primes our people — and your projects — for success.

R Stamp certified

Presented by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Gallant Industrial’s R stamp allows us to carry out specialized repair work on pressure vessels, boilers and other process-related equipment. The designation makes it possible for our team to perform work in industrial areas other companies can’t access.

Total recordable incident rate & lost time rate

Safety is serious business at Gallant Industrial. Our team has proudly logged more than a million work hours without a recordable incident since 2013— and we are always seeking out ways to make our jobsites safer.

QA/QC in check

Our team isn’t content to meet client and industry expectations. We want to exceed them. Gallant Industrial’s Quality Control Plan guides all that we do, ensuring work is carried out in the right manner, on the right schedule — by the right people.

Gallant Industrial promises quality on every project we touch.

Our team abides by a set of quality assurance goals that align with the belief we have in our work and our partnership commitment with you.

  • Minimize construction defects and corrections during a project
  • Ensure work conforms to contract documents and functional performance requirements
  • Ensure workmanship is performed by qualified employees, owners, designers, suppliers, craftsmen, and subcontractors from every trade.
  • Perform all inspections in a timely manner
  • Strive for a zero-item completion list at substantial completion
  • Minimize final punch list
  • Ensure warranties are preserved