Gallant Industrial

The story behind the industrial construction firm you know and trust today goes back longer than Gallant Industrial itself. It was 2010 when Derik Lundy and Adam Wheeless, two longtime construction pros who’d worked together before, decided to strike out on their own.

Armed with a wealth of industry knowledge and a drive to deliver clients a quality experience and finished product, they launched the first iteration of their company, Gallant Builders. Then a firm focused largely on commercial work, they served corporate clients in and around the Houston metroplex.

As for the company’s name? It fell into place by chance. Adam happened to be watching soccer on TV when he was struck by the announcer’s description of the English team’s “gallantry”. He liked the simple, single word and the imagery it conjured up. Thus came Gallant.

As time progressed and their client roster grew, so did the types of assistance those clients requested. The addition of interior work and ground-up projects for companies in the energy sector brought change. Later, when architectural work entered the mix, it paved the way for an industrial branch to the ever-growing company.

And eventually, it became time to make things official. On January 1, 2020, a move was made to divide the initial company into two: Gallant Commercial and Gallant Industrial.

Today, Gallant Industrial proudly serves Greater Houston providing a wide range of industrial construction services. (And we will gladly coordinate work in other areas, too.) From routine maintenance and repair work by crews nested on-site at refineries and plants, to specialty welding, site work assistance and other expertise for projects of all sizes, Gallant Industrial aims to be a driving force behind the work you rely on.

Gallant Industrial is proud to support and partner with the following industry associations.